Digidesign’s Pro Tools HD 16in 16out with 2×192 interfaces

Dual Quad Mac Pro with twin cinema displays.
Focal Twin Monitoring and Tannoy Reveal 5.1 Speakers
Focusrite Liquid Mix, T.C. Electronic,Waves Gold, PSP, Native Instruments and numerous other professional plugins and instruments
Focusrite and PreSonus Mic and Instrument Preamps

A wide selection of microphones including valve, ribbon, wide diaphragm, small diaphragm, PZM, condenser, stereo pairs and dynamic to suit all purposes (mics listed below).

Fender Stratocaster and Tanglewood semi acoustic and bass guitars

Fender Valve and Marshall guitar amps, Ashdown valve bass amp
Bass and guitar Line 6 Pods,

Mapex drum kit and Traps electronic drum kit

Keyboards and samplers in hardware and software format

Our main live room is naturally lit, acoustically treated and visible from the control room via acoustic glass.

Two other rooms can also be used with portable acoustic treatment also visible from the control room via acoustic glass.

We offer recording, mixing, mastering and also off location live and other recording for your concerts and other needs.  We run a portable Pro Tools system for this.
Tea and coffee is available and other refreshments are very close.

The price of the studio is only £20 per hour including our internationally successful studio manager / engineer / producer.  Half the price of other studios offering our equipment and expertise.

We also own Cubase, Logic, Fruit Loops Studio, Sony Acid Pro. Ableton Live. Propellerheads Reason etc and have a PC music laptop as well as various Macbooks.

A TV studio and theatre is joined onto us for future band video recordings.

Microphone List

2 x Harper Diabate Valve

2 x Harper Diabate Ribbon

2 x AKG 214

2 x Rode NT1a

2 x Rode NT5

2 x AKG C1000

3 x Sennheiser MD421

2 x Sure SM57

2 x Sure SM58

1 x AKG 414

1 x Electro-voice RE20

1 x AKG D112

1 x Sure Beta 52A

2 x PZM (Samson)

Headphones 7 x Beyerdynamic DT150s, 1 x DT100