Studio Layout

This page is under development and will include photos of all rooms…..

CAD Layout Being Developed

Basic Details:

Control Room (acoustically treated) : 3m x 4.7m

Main Live Room (acoustically treated, patched, visible through glass) : 3.3m x 6.2m

TV Studio (also patched and visible through control room glass) : 4.6m x 5.7m

Large Room (designed for orchestras and choirs, not so dead sounding + we use portable acoustic treatment also patched and visible through glass) : 12.5m x 10.5m

+ 3 break out rooms (untreated) 3.1m x 2.1m

Control Room : 3m x 4.7m

Peri Rooms 1 & 2 (not patched or very visible but useable as opposite studio and cables can run under doors, one liver sounding, one needs portable treatment, 3.5m x 5.8m & 4.3m x 6.2m with corridor 15.7m x 6.1m)